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Since 1974 Industrial Commutator Company has been the global leading in railway, aircraft, aerospace, mining, and marine commutators and slip rings.

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  1. We have the capacity to handle everything from custom single-unit orders to high-volume orders.
  2. Industrial Commutator Company was the first commutator manufacturer in North America to be ISO 9001: 2008 certified.
  3. Only approved commutator supplier for Aeronautical Products by Transport Canada, certificate 53-94. This certification is recognized and accepted worldwide.
  4. We serve customers around the world in various industry sectors, including railways, transit systems, pulp and paper mills, mining, steel mills, marine, elevators, aircraft and military.
  5. 1990, General Motors Electromotive Division (EMD), approved us as the single source for manufacturing of D77 thru to D90 traction motor commutators.
  6. We are the only approved supplier of GE traction Motor Commutators in North America.
  7. We are known for our service and prompt delivery times as well as quality assurance and competitive pricing.
  8. We export all over the world, more than 90 percent of our products are exported. We handle all customs/shipping issues.
  9. We offer customized inventory-management systems for regular customers.

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